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Setting up triggers

Triggers enable you to invoke Fiberplane Templates and create notebooks via a Webhook call. This can be used to automatically create notebooks from alerts, deploy notifications, or connect it to your customer support tools.

Creating a trigger

To create a trigger you will need the ID of the template you want the trigger be pointing to (you can find that using fp templates list command).


Terminal window
fp triggers create --template-id <TEMPLATE_ID>

The command will return the trigger URL used to invoke it that will look something like this (save this URL!):

Terminal window

Invoking a trigger

You can now add the trigger URL to anything that is capable of sending HTTP POST requests (e.g.: Zapier Webhooks). The POST request should include in the payload JSON object the data that the template is expected to receive.

Let’s take our earlier example template:

.new("Incident Response for: " + incidentName)
c.text("Hello World!"),

After having created a trigger URL for this template we can send a simple POST request with a JSON body:

Terminal window
curl -X POST \
-H "Content-type: application/json" \
-d '{"incidentName": "API Outage"}'

And a new notebook with a title “API Outage” will be created!