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Frequently asked questions

Resource Names

Many resources in Fiberplane are identified by unique names. Names follow the string format of Kubernetes label names / RFC 1123:

  • contain at most 63 characters
  • contain only lowercase alphanumeric characters or ’-‘
  • start with an alphanumeric character
  • end with an alphanumeric character


If you see a red exclamation mark after running a query

  • Click on the mark to reveal the console at the bottom of the window: it will reveal more about the error.
  • Check if the syntax of the query is incorrect.
  • Check if a data source you want to query is online and selected

If Proxy is offline

  • Check that you have set the PROXY_API_TOKEN correctly in your deployment.yaml and passed it to the configuration.
  • Check that you have configured the data sources. Proxy currently cannot be deployed if there are no data sources configured in the configmap.yaml.

If Providers are offline

  • Check if the URLs on configmap.yaml are correct. Especially if you’re using custom ports for your providers (e.g.: running Prometheus on :8041)
  • Check that the pod the Proxy is installed on has read permissions to access other pods with Prometheus/Elasticsearch services you want it to access.